The goal of this Center is to conduct research and develop innovative cybersecurity technologies, tools and methodologies that advance the energy sector’s ability to survive cyber incidents while sustaining critical functions. Part of this project is to verify and validate efficacy of the developed solutions and methodologies for transition to practice and commercialization in the energy sector. SEEDS will develop solutions for vulnerabilities across the United States’ energy delivery systems. This will protect hardware assets, make systems less susceptible to cyber threats and provide reliable delivery of electricity, oil and natural gas if such a cyber incident occurred. The management structure of the team includes a Project Leadership Team which includes the technical and campus leads as well as industry representation to discuss project progress. The Center has a membership-based Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) which makes recommendations regarding industry relevance and alignment with the pro-grammatic objectives. This membership-based model allows the center to be sustainable beyond CEDS funding in order to continue to address ever-present cyber threats to energy delivery systems.

The University of Arkansas SEEDS Center is a CEDS academic R&D program focused on providing solutions outlined by the “Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems (EDS) Cybersecurity” in support of the Electricity Sub-sector Coordinating Council, the Oil and Natural Gas Sector Coordinating Council, and the Government Coordinating Council for Energy under the Critical Infra-structure Partnership Advisory Council (CIPAC) Framework.