Research Projects

Module 1.1 Data Integrity Attack

Module 1.6 Detecting Anomalous PMU Data

Module 1.3 Identifying Compromised Smart Grid Components

Module 1.5 Mitigating Data Falsification Attacks in Automatic Generation Control

Module 1.4 Pricing Attacks

Module 1.2 Topology Attack

Module 1.7 Detecting Compromised Devices

Module 1.9 Cross-Layer and Cyber Physical Moving Target Defense

Module 1.10 Optimization Tool for Allocating Security Resources

Module 2.1 Co-Design of Security-Aware Microgrid

Module 2.2 Misuse of DSM

Module 3.1 Post-Disaster Network Security

Module 3.2 Botnet and Intrusion Detection in SCADA Networks

Module 3.3 Secure Time-Critical Communications

Module 3.4 Secure Smart Metering Communications

Module 4.1 Cybersecurity Visualization

Module 4.2 Cybersecurity Configuration Management

Module 4.3 Visualization for Situation Awareness

Module 4.4 Intelligent Agent Collaboration for Smart Grid Threat Identification and Visualization

Module 5.1 Control and Network Cybersecurity Testing Based on a 2 MW Power System Testbed

Module 5.3 Large-Scale Network Cybersecurity Testing Based on Advanced Multi-Agent System